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No Good Guys in Mongolia’s Pre-Election Maneuvering?

Today is a major day for the people of Mongolia — all 76 seats of Parliament (known as the “State Great Hural”) are up for grabs. A lot is at stake with today’s election in particular, as Mongolia prepares to draft new economic policies to handle its vast troves of mineral resources. Proposed mining laws…

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Brazil: Call to Curb Federal Corruption Goes Unheard at Local Level

Despite the numerous corruption scandals of the Rousseff administration, experts claim that the recent scandals may not be indicative of more corruption, but rather a greater emphasis on oversight. But Brazilian states lag the federal government in policing corruption. Fabiano Angelico tells the story of why local prosecution isn’t working. His story is part of…

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What Rio+20 Can Teach the Open Government Partnership

If you work in the universe of international affairs and also happen to live under a rock, you might have missed the hundreds of headlines this past week lamenting the abject failure of the Rio+20 sustainable development summit. Fifty thousand-plus folks gathered in Rio to figure out how to finally make sustainable development work, and…

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Assessing OGP Action Plans

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) Action Plans are in (!), although not all 55 OGP member countries have submitted theirs, and only some plans were submitted in the electronic format we had hoped for. But with more than 40 plans to analyze, we took the first deep dive into finally making some sense of this…

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Inception Time? Thoughts on this Year’s Personal Democracy Forum

I recently watched “Inception” again, a film considered Christopher Nolan’s cinematic masterpiece, in which Leonardo DiCaprio and his peers enter people’s minds and “steer” reality the way they wish. To be quite honest, I am not particularly enchanted by the character development in the movie, but there is something haunting about their ability to go…

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Partisan Justice: Political Foes Go to Jail, Friends Go Free

In Ukraine, not everyone gets the same treatment. This disparity is most visible in the country’s judicial system. Reporter Vlad Lavrov explains through the stories of leading opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, who was convicted for abuse of power, and current President Viktor Yanukovych’s friends, who faces murder charges. Read the story here. The story is…

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