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Welcome Hazel!

Global Integrity welcomes Costa Rican journalist Hazel Feigenblatt to the Commons blog. Hazel is an investigative journalist with La Nacion in Costa Rica who is visiting us in our Washington office, and will be guest blogging with us in addition to her work with La Nacion. Starting in December, she’s be supporting Global Integrity’s local…

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Paper: World Bank’s Corruption Metrics Lacking

Disclosure: The World Bank is a funder of Global Integrity. From the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), a new analysis has sharp criticism for the World Bank’s corruption metrics. They find that metrics are proposed “without considerations of the political economy and without clear strategies to win the support of a critical mass of key leaders.”…

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USA: Corporate Election Freebees — Fun, But Illegal

A new trend in the U.S. — corporations getting into the election spirit with free handouts to voters. It’s all good spirited democratic cheerleading; it’s also illegal. Major U.S. retail brands like Starbucks, Krispe Kreme and 7-11 are eager to engage with their customers around the election. It’s a convergence of three trends — an…

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