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USA: Corruption in the Border Patrol

The New York Times reports on an uptick in corruption cases against U.S. border patrol agents protecting the U.S.-Mexico border. It would seem that killing the Border Patrol’s internal affairs unit was a rather bad idea. The fact that there is corruption tied to smuggling drugs and people across the border is not a surprise…

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Talking Corruption in Dar es Salaam

Global Integrity’s Nathaniel Heller reports from Tanzania on the latest Global Integrity Dialogues workshop. The Dialogues are a new offering from Global Integrity that gather key local stakeholders to identify problems and plot future anti-corruption efforts. Nathaniel writes, via email: In collaboration with the Partnership for Transparency Fund, Global Integrity held a Dialogue workshop in…

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Egypt: Bad Blood

Sameh Fawzy tells a grisly story of how cozy relationships between business and politics threatened to infect — literally — the people of Egypt. Egypt: Bad Blood By Sameh Fawzy In January of 2007, an employee of the Egyptian Ministry of Health, Sohier El Sharkawi, claimed to have found 200,000 contaminated bags used to package…

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Opacity Index 2007-2008

Joel Kurtzman & Glenn Yago refresh Mr. Kurtzman’s ranking of regulatory efficiency, first published in 2001 by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Kurtzman is now working from the Milken Institute, an economic think tank. Opacity Index 2007-2008: Measuring Global Business Risk Via email: Dear Friends, Two weeks ago, Glenn Yago and I released the 2007-2008 Opacity Index at the…

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World Bank Pilots Transparency Evaluation

Disclosure: the World Bank is a funder of Global Integrity. Freedom of information (FOI) laws are a good thing, but it’s difficult to tell how well they work (see this ongoing project that aims meerly to catalog the FOI evaluation work being done). But the World Bank’s Doing Business project is poised to make a…

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Pakistan Launches Info Hotline for Journalists

Pakistan’s Minister of Information announces a phone hotline to encourage information sharing between government and journalists. While not a radical step, this a welcome warming sign in a country that banned the broadcast of information “against the armed forces and judiciary” under its previous government. Minister Sherry Rehman says those days are over. Daily Times:…

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