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Media Advisory — Global Integrity Report: 2009 Conference Call

International Nonprofit to Release Report with New Ratings on Anti-Corruption Mechanisms and Government Accountability in 35 countries WHAT: Teleconference — Global Integrity, an award-winning international nonprofit organization that tracks governance and corruption trends globally, will release a new report, highlighting 35 countries, which finds that despite a change of administration in the United States in…

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New Data! The Global Integrity Report: 2009

Global Integrity is gearing up for the online release of the Global Integrity Report: 2009 which we will unveil this coming Tuesday, February 23rd. While our DC staff is busy finalizing scorecards, notebooks and graphics, our far-flung staff are just as hard at work, spreading the word to their local contacts in civil society, media…

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Accidental Censorship: How Did We Get Here?

Part two in a our Accidental Censorship series is a content analysis of Chicago’s local journalism, reprinted from The New News: Journalism We Want and Need (cc by). In it, our friends at the Community Media Workshop explore evidence that newspapers are covering local issues like schools, housing and pollution less than they were 20…

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Brazil 2.0: Journalists Go Online to Open Government Records

In the overlap of technology and democracy, Brazil is an early adopter (see here, here). So it’s no surprise to find a Brazilian journalism group leading the way with online training for journalists on how to use government data to tell stories. ABRAJI (short for the Associação Brasileira de Jornalismo Investigativo) arms journalists with information…

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