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Global Integrity Statement on Wikileaks Release of Classified Cables

Like many other non-governmental organizations, media, governments, and citizens, we’ve followed the initial release of classified State Department cables by Wikileaks with interest. As further details emerge, Global Integrity Report assessments of the national anti-corruption systems of the countries mentioned in these cables may be of interest. Those assessments can be accessed at —…

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Open Budget Survey 2010 Released

“It is easier to teach an advocate how to understand a budget than to teach advocacy to an economist,” argued the International Budget Partnership’s Warren Krafchik at the recent presentation of the group’s Open Budget Survey 2010. His core message: if government transparency and budget accountability are our goals, broader engagement with civil society is…

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Global Integrity’s 2009 Financials Now Available

Since we’re kind of concerned with transparency issues here at Global Integrity (!), we’ve always made our annual audited financials publicly available for download. Our 2009 audited financials are now available on our website, and our FY2009 tax return will also be posted once it is filed in the coming weeks.— Global Integrity

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One colleague leaves, others arrive…

We’re sad to pass along the news that our long-time colleague Norah Mallaney has left Global Integrity to pursue a career in education reform. Norah has taken a new position with the Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools here in Washington, DC. We’re in the process of bringing on a couple of new colleagues and hope…

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Indaba Fieldwork Platform Goes Live!

UPDATE: See the Indaba project website at After 13 months of development, the third generation of Global Integrity’s online fieldwork platform, Indaba, went live yesterday. Hooray! Indaba was deployed in the field for the first time ever yesterday as lead researchers for the Global Integrity Report: 2010 began to gather data and information in…

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