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Indaba helps curb corruption in the defense sector

Governments and citizens of 82 countries  – among them Russia, Venezuela, Australia and South Africa – can gain insights on corruption in the defense sector thanks to Transparency International’s Defense and Security Programme’s Government Defense Anti-Corruption Index. The index provides detailed analysis of the risk areas (financial, personal, operations and procurement) that are exploited by…

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Help Wanted: Consultants for the Web Index

Global Integrity is launching collaboration with the World Wide Web Foundation to generate data for the 2013 Web Index (, a ranking of countries evaluating access, affordability, the institutional and policy environment, and social and economic utility of the web in 70-80 countries. To support the fieldwork, Global Integrity is looking for consultants who can…

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State Integrity Investigation shortlisted for prestigious journalism award

The State Integrity Investigation (SII), a collaboration between Global Integrity, the Center for Public Integrity and Public Radio International, has been nominated for the prestigious 2013 Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting, awarded by the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. SII is an unprecedented, data-driven…

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Thoughts on “Rebooting Investigative Journalism.”

In Rebooting Investigative Journalism, the always-thoughtful David Sasaki dives deeply into the challenge of how best to reinvigorate and support investigative journalism efforts around the world. Although David caveats the post by saying the Omidyar Network (where he works) has no firm plans to dive into the space as a donor, it's hard not to…

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How the G-20 Can Help the Open Government Partnership

As many colleagues and friends know, I'm not a huge fan of traditional multilateral organizations given their historic high-effort, low-return ratio. Having worked in and around some for a number of years, I grew weary of the rhetoric not always (or ever?) matching the reality of their impact. But I'm setting my cynical self aside…

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How do you say bribe?

All I wanted was some simple answers.   I was not asking for a scoop, or sensitive information. All I needed was some insights in the use of pipelines for a project – Thus I asked a pipeline analyst at a global company. “Well, I can give you some answers if you give me something…

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