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Governments and citizens of 82 countries  – among them Russia, Venezuela, Australia and South Africa – can gain insights on corruption in the defense sector thanks to Transparency International’s Defense and Security Programme’s Government Defense Anti-Corruption Index.

The index provides detailed analysis of the risk areas (financial, personal, operations and procurement) that are exploited by the defense sector. 

Out of the 82 countries assessed, 70% (or 52 countries) were found to have high to critical risks of corruption, according to the index.

Here at Global Integrity, we are very happy to have played a part in the success of the report by providing methodology guidance (noted on page 47 of the report) as well as facilitating the use of our Indaba Platform.

“Without Indaba, we couldn’t have done it!” said Dr. Oliver Cover, the main author in this project.

The index has attracted the attention of international media, with mentions on CNN, Al Jazeera and other leading news outlets around the world.  The team that produced the index also complied a great website which highlights the actions that each group can take to ensure more transparency, accountability and less corruption within this sector.

We are proud of our partners at Transparency International and hope that this report serves as a wakeup call to people around the world that anti-corruption measures need to be taken to curb the US$ 20 billion a year global cost of corruption in this sector.

— Monika Shepard. 
Global Integrity
Global Integrity

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