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India: Improvement? Where?

Global Integrity’s Ritu Sarin reflects on the pessimistic state of India’s citizens towards anti-corruption efforts, despite an international conventional wisdom that says corruption is on the retreat. Reporter’s Notebook: India India, which boasts of being the world’s third-largest economy, is a country of contradictions. That remains true of the manner in which it continues to…

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USA: “Publish What You Pay” Bill Hits Senate

In a summer of record-breaking oil profits, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer introduced the Extractive Industries Transparency Disclosure Act (S. 3389), which mandates companies disclose payments to foreign governments for oil, gas and minerals. It is companion legislation to the bill of the same name in the House of Representatives. The “publish what you pay” concept…

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China: Humor and Dissent, Now Via Text Message

China’s culture of shunkouliu (“slippery jingles”) offer a rare — and witty — outlet for political frustrations. Perry Link and Kate Zhou describe the shunkouliu in their book Popular China: Unofficial Culture in a Globalizing Society. Invented by Chinese farmers, and once devoted to simple lessons of earth and toil, the medium mutated in the…

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USA: Report Details Right-Wing Purge in Justice

The U.S. Justice Department takes a stab at the question of who will watch the watchmen. Their answer: we will, but only after journalists exposed a series of interlocking scandals and weeks of non-stop political opposition drives the Attorney General out of his post. Justice today published a report detailing interference (.pdf) in Justice hiring…

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Behind the Scenes of a Disputed Scorecard

The Global Integrity Report comprises about 15,000 local, peer-reviewed assessments every year, all of which is available to public scrutiny. A few of our readers take the time to dig into this raw data and challenge our results. Here’s what that process looks like from the inside. The short version is this: we benefit tremendously…

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China Is Shaken, But Sadly Unchanged

Earlier this week, the Chinese government ended earthquake-relief efforts in Sichuan province, withdrawing troops and transitioning from disaster relief to reconstruction. As they rebuild, critical issues of corruption and lax building codes may remain unaddressed. It seems clear that corruption and poor governance in China contributed to the impact of the May 2008 Sichuan earthquake.…

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