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What makes effective anti-corruption systems?

What makes for effective anti-corruption systems? A new paper by Global Integrity’s Marianne Camerer argues that a number of conditions are required to ensure that anti-corruption reforms in any context are effective, sustainable and not easily subverted. What makes for effective anti-corruption systems? (English .PDF) Que faut-il pour créer des systèmes de lutte contre la…

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Sad Milestone in PNG

Mike Manning, chairman of Transparency International’s Papua New Guinea chapter, has died of a heart attack. Radio Australia: One of Papua New Guinea’s leading anti-corruption campaigners has died suddenly. Firmin Nanol reports the chairman of PNG’s anti-corruption group, Transparency International- has died of a heart attack. Mike Manning collapsed while walking in Rabaul in PNG’s…

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Russia: The Maestro of Made-to-Order News

Yasha Levine at Wired tells the story of a Sergey Gorshkov, a Moscow blogger who has become a national sensation by publishing a steady stream of political smears — and perhaps half of his stories are zakazukha, bought and paid for by rival politicians. He says he’s in it for the money, and the money…

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Azerbaijan’s “Guerrilla” Islamic Finance

The Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy’s Fuad Aliyev writes on Islamic banking practices, which are expanding under the noses of regulators who attempt to ban these practices. A case study in how local culture can make issues of regulation and transparency fiendishly complex. “Guerrilla Islamic Finance:” Islamic Banking the Azerbaijani Way By Fuad Aliyev Project Manager &…

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A cigarette gets you in the door,And with the wine you hear the deal,But if you want the problem solved,It’s gotta be a great big meal. This Chinese “slippery jingle” via translator Perry Link, author unknown.One more, also translated by Perry: Officials are addicted to moneyWhile the people labor and sweat.If something else counts, then…

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