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Thai Democracy: Unclear on the Concept

Anti-government protesters threaten to shut down Thai utilities and transportation in an effort to head off the ruling party’s electoral success. As tensions escalate, irony looms large. NY Times: Despite its name, the People’s Alliance for Democracy, leading the anti-government protests, is explicitly calling for a less democratic structure. “We used to chant the mantra…

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USA: Free Press, Except in Election Years

An ABC News producer is arrested on a Denver sidewalk while waiting to photograph a meeting of Democratic senators and VIP donors at a posh hotel. While ABC has run an online story about this, it’s not on the homepage, despite all the markers of a made-for-the-medium hit: righteous journalists, cynical politics, and of…

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Georgia: Civilians Become Fugitives of War

Global Integrity’s Olgha Tsiskarishvili–Soselia reports from Georgia on the fate of civilians who have fled the advancing Russian invasion. Her interviews provide unfiltered, front-line accounts of the cruelty and disruption of war. Fugitives of War By Olgha Tsiskarishvili–Soselia Eight-year-old Aleqsandre tried to make catapult. He tried to protect his mother and her friends, from aircrafts…

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What makes effective anti-corruption systems?

What makes for effective anti-corruption systems? A new paper by Global Integrity’s Marianne Camerer argues that a number of conditions are required to ensure that anti-corruption reforms in any context are effective, sustainable and not easily subverted. What makes for effective anti-corruption systems? (English .PDF) Que faut-il pour créer des systèmes de lutte contre la…

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Sad Milestone in PNG

Mike Manning, chairman of Transparency International’s Papua New Guinea chapter, has died of a heart attack. Radio Australia: One of Papua New Guinea’s leading anti-corruption campaigners has died suddenly. Firmin Nanol reports the chairman of PNG’s anti-corruption group, Transparency International- has died of a heart attack. Mike Manning collapsed while walking in Rabaul in PNG’s…

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