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Tracking Impact: Voies Nouvelles Brings Government and NGOs Together to Talk Education

Voies Nouvelles, the Cameroon-based budget monitoring organization and a winner of the Global Integrity Impact Challenge in 2009, continues to push government reform, maintaining an interested public audience for their organizational activities. When Voies Nouvelles submitted their proposal to the Impact Challenge, the judges were most impressed by the organization’s emphasis on government engagement as…

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China and Vietnam: A Study in Contrasts or Similarities?

In China and Vietnam, where the separation between the ruling party and the state is almost non-existent, the Global Integrity Report: 2009 shows how “corruption” and “good governance” are more than simple labels. Standards of living in both countries have greatly increased since their economies have opened to the free market in the past few…

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Global Integrity Report: 2009 Released!

Global Integrity is pleased to announce the release of the Global Integrity Report: 2009, our flagship assessment of national-level anti-corruption mechanisms in countries around the world. Read the Report here. See also: Key Findings. Global Integrity Index. Methodology. Interactive map. Data download. Based on original information gathered by in-country teams of local journalists and researchers,…

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