Global Integrity Report: 2009 Released!

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Global Integrity is pleased to announce the release of the Global Integrity Report: 2009, our flagship assessment of national-level anti-corruption mechanisms in countries around the world.

Read the Report here.

See also: Key Findings. Global Integrity Index. Methodology. Interactive map. Data download.

Based on original information gathered by in-country teams of local journalists and researchers, the Report combines on-the-ground journalistic reporting with more than 300 quantitative indicators for each country assessing the existence, effectiveness, and citizen access to key accountability and transparency mechanisms. All of our fieldwork emphasizes a transparent methodology, robust sourcing, and a mix of numerical data, granular narratives, and real-life case studies; this year’s Report is no exception.

New to our work? Check out our new home video for a brief explanation of what the Global Integrity Report is all about:


You can also download a Press Kit and a press release for additional background.

Among the key findings from the 2009 Report:

    • Despite a change of administration in the United States in 2009, significant progress has not been achieved in curbing corruption at the national-level in the U.S.


    • Uganda and Bosnia and Herzegovina have the dubious distinction of boasting the biggest “implementation gaps” of all countries covered in this year’s Report – that is, the gap between their anti-corruption laws “on the books” and the actual enforcement of those same laws.


    • Although the February 2010 presidential run-off election in the Ukraine demonstrated that the country is able to hold relatively free and fair elections, it has suffered significant setbacks in the implementation of other key transparency and accountability safeguards since Global Integrity’s last assessment in 2007.


Look for follow-on analysis on this blog during the next several weeks, and we warmly invite your feedback on the 2009 Report.

Want to publish your own analysis of the 2009 Report? Send us an email ( and we’ll be happy to give you the space to share your own take on this year’s data and reporting.

— Global Integrity

Global Integrity
Global Integrity

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