Global Integrity Report– New Assessments Released on Indonesia, Timor-Leste and Vanuatu

Global Integrity
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By Scott Rumpsa — August 8, 2014. 


We’ve just added three new countries to the Global Integrity Report. As in prior reports, a set of 325 indicators covering six broad categories were researched and scored, providing a detailed assessment of the anti-corruption framework in each country. We’ve collected detailed information analyzing both the legal framework as well as actual implementation through our set of de jure and de facto indicators. Alongside these Integrity Indicators, we’ve also published an in depth narrative on corruption in the country, which we call our Reporter’s Notebook. Our results are now available for viewing – Indonesia, Timor-Leste and Vanuatu.

  • In Indonesia, the political financing transparency earned the lowest score, followed closely by budget process transparency, whistle-blowing protections and conflicts of interest safeguards. High scores were earned in voting and party formation, national ombudsman, and anti-corruption law, among others. A relatively large ‘implementation gap’ (31) was earned, pointing to a significant difference between the legal framework and its actual implementation.
  • In Timor-Leste, public requests for information earned the lowest scoring, followed by conflicts of interest safeguards. The highest scores were earned in anti-corruption law, voting and party formation, and election integrity. A small ‘implementation gap’ (17) was found.
  • In Vanuatu, the lowest scoring category was in public requests for government information, while other significantly low scores were earned in relation to conflicts of interest safeguards. The two highest scoring categories were anti-corruption law and anti-corruption non-governmental organizations. A small ‘implementation gap’ (12) was found.

These reports followed our standard methodology and were the result of our work with 13 expert contributors, including lead researchers as well as peer reviewers. As with all of our reports, we publish the scoring of each indicator, as well as the sources and justifying comments that underlie them.

In the meantime, we’ve continued to revise our methodology and indicator set. We plan to complete these revisions and will run a pilot in a small number of countries before re-launch in 2015. Stay tuned!

Image: A cleaner sweeps the parking lot at the Corruption Eradication Commission office on March 28, 2014, in front of luxury cars confiscated from graft suspect Tubagus Chaeri Wardana. Photo Credit: Nivell Rayda.

Global Integrity
Global Integrity

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