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Slovakia: Post-Communist Trompe L’Oeil?

Last month’s parliamentary elections in Slovakia signaled the country’s ongoing normalization and integration into the European fold since its formal accession into the EU more than six years ago. This last election was not marred by intimidation and irregularities that so often have accompanied countries transitioning into democracy. Indeed like many new member states from…

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Why France’s Woes Over Money in Politics are Unsurprising

The political financing scandal that has rocked the French government in recent weeks does little to dispel the notion that France suffers from “rotten politics.” Although President Sarkozy continues to deny the allegations that he and his party took illicit cash contributions from a wealthy conservative benefactor, critics have already started to deride his government…

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UAE: Behind the Numbers

Our recently published Global Integrity Report: United Arab Emirates revealed things good, bad, and a little weird in the Gulf state. Here’s what we learned. For the second time in the history of the Global Integrity Report, a country scorecard has returned a negative implementation gap. This is a measure of the gap between the…

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Global Integrity is Hiring!

Yes, that is not a typo…we’re looking to expand our team by adding a new project manager to our ranks. Think you’ve got what it takes to handle multiple fieldwork projects while simultaneously developing new methodologies and leading outreach events? Then read the full post for more details and how to apply online. Global Integrity…

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