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Signs of Trouble: Egypt’s Media Crackdown Before the Revolution

Before 2011 became a historic year in Egypt, there was 2010. That year Mubarak’s regime fiercely cracked down on media to stop an intense debate about the parliamentary elections fraud and Mubarak’s plans to have his son Gamal eventually succeed him. Egyptian reporter Mervat Diab explains what took place before the revolution in his story…

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Field Contributors Survey: the Indaba Experience

The recent survey of reporters and researchers who contributed to the Global Integrity Report: 2010 contained plenty of positive feedback as well as insightful constructive criticism about the experience of working with Global Integrity. We summarized that feedback in a recent blog post. As promised, we wanted to take some extra space to analyze our…

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Is Mashing up Public Data Illegal in Slovakia?

Earlier this week, we tweeted about charges brought against a fantastic non-governmental organization in the Slovak Republic, Fair Play Alliance. Fair Play Alliance is one of the most innovative NGOs we’ve come across when it comes to powerfully tapping public data online, especially around campaign finance and public procurement, to provide platforms for citizen engagement…

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Results of our Field Contributor Survey

Global Integrity takes pride in the transparency we bring to our own work: our methodologies, data, and sources of funding. We recently finished a survey of field contributors involved in the production of the Global Integrity Report 2010 and wanted to share those results publicly. We’ll gladly take criticisms from governments and activists, but keeping…

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We’re Hiring: Technology & Community Manager in Washington, DC

See also: Hiring project managers in Washington, in Cape Town, and journalists and researchers for the Global Integrity Report field staff.    LATE UPDATE: This postion has been filled. Thanks to all our applicants for the interest.    UPDATE: People have emailed asking, "what are you looking for?" I give everyone the same answer: the…

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India’s Jan Lokpal: Watershed or Fad?

India has struggled with a series of corruption scandals that have come to light over the past eighteen months, from a telecoms scandal that is said to have cost the government up to $30 billion in lost revenue to shoddy preparations for the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. The recent scandals have provoked a dramatic response…

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