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Welcome to Indaba 3.0

Over the last 18 months, the small but agile Indaba team has worked tirelessly to bring some exciting enhancements to the platform, (Indaba 3.0 as I like to call it), as well as launch some cool projects.  Our hope with these new changes is to further streamline the online data collection process for colleagues and…

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How do you get Floridians to care about state politics?

How do you get Floridians to care about state politics, let alone ethics reform? The state’s millenials rank below the national average for civic engagement, and, in Miami, the general population ranks the lowest, according to studies by the National Conference on Citizenship.  Florida not surprisingly, received a poor grade in the State Integrity Investigation…

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Why We’re Investing in Moving Legacy Data Into Indaba

This week is an exciting week for the Indaba fieldwork platform. After several months of design, development, and testing, we went live today with some new and powerful features, notably Control Panel (which allows project managers to more easily design and launch their projects) and important enhancements to Fieldwork Manager (like being able to send…

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Announcing the TESTING 1 2 3 Innovation Fund investees

Check our video announcing the winners here Global Integrity is delighted to announce the five innovative ideas selected to receive funding from the TESTING 1 2 3: The Global Integrity Innovation Fund. The chosen ideas will receive up to US$10,000 to test unique ways to approach the problems of corruption, poor transparency and low levels…

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What Does Sustainability Really Mean for Non-Profits?

There's been an ongoing debate within the OpenGov Hub recently around “sustainable” non-profits. The basic concern is that traditional non-profit organizations are overly dependent on grants funding to keep the lights on and are at risk of going out of business whenever a grant or two falls through. The advice given by some colleagues is…

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Build Our #OpenGov MOOC!

(Originally published at the TechChange blog) Our OpenGov 101 Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a Semifinalist in the Knight News Challenge! Submitted in partnership with Global Integrity, we’re hoping to develop a global curricula to connect the open government community with the tools, experts, best practices, and organizations driving the field forward. While we still have some skepticism…

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