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Mashup Challenge: Where to Start?

What is the issue you care the most about? What is the change you want to make? Global Integrity wants to help. And in the process we’re giving away $1000 to the best examples of how our work can jumpstart yours. From drug trafficking in the Balkans to Google in China, our original local reporting…

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How to Win the Mashup Challenge!

What can you do to make your Mashup Challenge entry stand out? (Click here for an overview of the Global Integrity Mashup Challenge.) Pick a unique entry point. We want fresh, creative, analytical pieces. This could look like a colorful chart displaying the greatest overall choke-points to corruption reform. Originality is key but so is…

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Open Gov Seems Out of Reach for Decentralized Bosnia

Coming off the glow of Sunshine Week, this post serves as a reminder to the difficulties journalists and citizens can face. Here we look to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the country’s haphazard regional information access systems. Last month, I caught up with Dino Jahić and Azhar Kalamujić, co-authors of the 2009 Corruption Notebook: Bosnia…

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Global Integrity Publishes New Data from Brazil

Global Integrity’s latest data from Brazil was posted live on our website earlier today. The Brazil scorecard is part of the Global Integrity Report: 2009, a collection of bottom-up data gathering and reporting on the existence and effectiveness of national level anti-corruption systems. The Brazil scorecard shows a mixed picture, with good news on civil…

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Reporter’s Notebook Colombia: Corruption’s Family Ties

Commercials showed humble peasant families as the people who’d benefit from a new government subsidy program intended for farmers. Soon after, though, entire families of campaign donors were receiving millionaire subsidies. Beauty queens and extradited criminals tagged along as well. In the 2009 Reporter’s Notebook: Colombia, award-winning reporter Ignacio Gómez tells a story about how…

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