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Journalist Attacked in Kuwait

Reuters is reporting that Kuwaiti journalist Zayed al-Zaid was physically attacked and wounded after leaving a transparency summit earlier this week. (Global Integrity later was told Zaid had actually been at headquarters of a political movement prior to the attack.) Zaid is the editor of an online news source known for its corruption-focused investigative reporting…

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Kick-off Seminar for the Latin America Local Governance Toolkit

Lea la versión en español abajo. An all-day seminar entitled “The promotion of a reform agenda for the institutional quality at the level sub-national: the experience of Argentina, Peru and Ecuador,” held Wednesday September 30th, marked the official release of the most recent project of Global Integrity’s Local Integrity Initiative, in which in-country partner groups…

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Looking Ahead: The U.S. Supreme Court’s New Term

The 2009-2010 session of the U.S. Supreme Court officially kicks off today and NPR launched a cool interactive feature with summaries of the major court cases facing the new bench. One highlighted case has the potential to topple much of the national campaign financing legislation built up over the past century. In fact, the Court…

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