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Looking Ahead: The U.S. Supreme Court’s New Term

The 2009-2010 session of the U.S. Supreme Court officially kicks off today and NPR launched a cool interactive feature with summaries of the major court cases facing the new bench. One highlighted case has the potential to topple much of the national campaign financing legislation built up over the past century. In fact, the Court…

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Just Released: Index of African Governance

The release of the Index of African Governance 2009 yesterday marked its third annual publication, though the authors describe a shakeup in the relationship between the Mo Ibrahim Foundation and their (formerly) namesake governance index. The Index of African Governance is an aggregation of third-party international governance-related indices, with some supplementary and original in-country research…

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Latin America Local Governance Toolkit: Assessments from Argentina, Ecuador, Peru

Lea la versión en español abajo. Global Integrity, Centro de Implementación de Políticas Públicas para la Equidad y el Crecimiento (CIPPEC), Grupo FARO, and Ciudadanos al Día (CAD) are proud to release the Latin America Local Governance Toolkit, which assesses the existence, effectiveness, and citizen access to key anti-corruption mechanisms at the provincial, municipal, regional…

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Coming Up Next: Conference on Emerging Market Development

Next week, I will be attending the 2009 Global Corporate Citizenship Conference: Focus on Emerging Market Development. The agenda is stacked with top-notch speakers and I’m looking forward to an informed dialogue. Keep your eye out next week for additional posts on the events at the Chamber of Commerce. See below for more on the…

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Unhealthy Obsession with Numbers

As statistics-heavy information packets lay before the world’s leaders at both the G-20 Summit and the United Nations General Assembly, the folks over at AidWatch Blog are critiquing leaders’ unquenchable need for numbers, at any cost. In international development, numbers can be extremely helpful when tough prioritizing decisions must be made. Project planners and funders…

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