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Building Public Participation Into OGP Action Plans (Webinar)

Our friends over at AmericaSpeaks/Global Voices have graciously offered to put together a webinar exploring how Open Government Partnership governments can more effectively engage with their publics in developing their OGP Action Plans. Full details, including how to register, are on the OGP website. We highly recommend the event. — Nathaniel Heller

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The World Bank Responds to the Google Map Maker Deal

Earlier this week, we blogged about our concerns over the deal that the World Bank and Google recently announced that encourages the Bank to make Google Map Maker widely available to its client governments and other multilaterals. Our basic concern was that Map Maker's Terms of Service (TOS) appear to lock public data submitted through…

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A Transparency Hub in Washington

I wanted to share some thinking we've been working on here at Global Integrity for several months: the idea of a shared, collaborative work space for transparency and accountability organizations based in the Washington, DC area.  Last summer, something obvious dawned on us: 1) there are lots of groups based in Washington, DC that work…

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