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The World Bank’s New Position on Citizen-Generated Geo-Data

Two weeks ago, we were excited to read that the World Bank took a public position explicitly endorsing citizen mapping tools that keep control of citizen-generated geo-data in the hands of the folks that created it, not the organization providing the mapping tool used to generate the data. This statement was in direct response to…

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Presentation: Open Sourcing the Global Integrity Report

For those on Livestream that won’t be able to see this presentation well, below is Global Integrity Executive Director Nathaniel Heller’s presentation. Open Sourcing the Global Integrity Report on Prezi You can also participate of the discussion on the wiki created for this event:

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Win a free Global Integrity Dialogue Workshop!

As part of our effort to promote concrete policy dialogue around the findings from the recently released Global Integrity Report: 2011, Global Integrity is offering an interested government the opportunity to host a Global Integrity Dialogue Workshop in their country at no cost. We are seeking government representatives interested in engaging in a one-day workshop…

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Recap: Open Government Event in Latin America

The Mexican Government, the Secretariat General of the Organization of American States (OAS), the Inter-American Development Bank (TBC), and the Open Government Partnership (OGP) hosted a discussion in Mexico City this week on the progress, challenges, and opportunities around transparency, accountability, and citizen participation as elements of an open government. We were there to help…

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United States: Corruption Risk Report Cards Published

Yesterday, The State Integrity Investigation, a partnership between the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity and Public Radio International to measure the risk of corruption in every US state, released full state report cards. They include letter grades, reporter comments and research details, as well as each state's rank among all 50 states. The State Integrity Investigation is…

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