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What’s Going On With Ecuador’s Police?

In 2008, Global Integrity completed its first-ever assessment of Somalia. Somalia’s overall score of 35 earned it the distinction of the lowest in the history of the Global Integrity Report. This is to be expected in a nation where the government has no presence and is unable to enforce whatever weak legal framework does exist.…

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Coming Soon… The World Bank’s Actionable Governance Indicators Data Portal

Yesterday, Global Integrity got a sneak peek at a new World Bank online data portal, the Actionable Governance Indicators Data Portal. The portal brings together a number of actionable governance indicators and data sets (including Global Integrity’s Integrity Indicators, Doing Business, the International Budget Partnership’s Open Budget data, and PEFA assessments), into an easy-to-use web-based…

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Global Integrity Report: 2009 — Call for Experts

We are once again happy to announce our annual Call for Experts for help in generating the Global Integrity Report: 2009. The Global Integrity Report is our flagship collection of national-level anti-corruption and good governance assessments. Please see the announcement below for more details, and feel free to forward this post to any colleagues and…

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Headlines in Tanzania: Millions Go Missing in Donor Backed Program

Three years have passed since the Norwegian government first discovered that US$30 million of its funding to a Tanzanian government-run natural resources project went missing. However, the Tanzanian public is only now learning of the scandal. In this guest post, Peter Bofin, a member of the Tanzanian peer review team for the Global Integrity Report:…

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Brazillian Satellite Radio

A recent issue of Wired Magazine featured a story by Marcelo Soares, a member of Global Integrity’s Brazilian field team. His story details “Operation Satellite,” a government crack down on the hijacking of foreign (mainly U.S.) satellites. For years, locals have been stealing these high tech devices and using “homebrew gear” to transform them into…

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