Coming Soon… The World Bank’s Actionable Governance Indicators Data Portal

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Yesterday, Global Integrity got a sneak peek at a new World Bank online data portal, the Actionable Governance Indicators Data Portal. The portal brings together a number of actionable governance indicators and data sets (including Global Integrity’s Integrity Indicators, Doing Business, the International Budget Partnership’s Open Budget data, and PEFA assessments), into an easy-to-use web-based tool. The data portal allows users to isolate data for specific countries, issues, and years across disparate data sets. It also has what appears to be a useful document library on measurement issues.

Although one could justifiably ask how much value-add there is here relative to, say, the Inter-American Development Bank’s “Datagob” portal (which we also geek out over), we’re looking forward to exploring the AGI portal when it is released to the public in about a month, following an internal soft launch within the Bank that began yesterday. We’re holding you to that, World Bank…

Norah Mallaney

Global Integrity
Global Integrity

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