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Notes from Paris: Every Human Has Rights Gala

Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, Richard Branson and other very famous people gathered Saturday to celebrate 30 media projects in defense of human rights, including, I’m proud to say, the work of Global Integrity. The photo above is as close as I got to the former UN Secretary General — it’s photographically flawed, but the overall…

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Notes from Paris: Madmundo Tells Global Stories at Human Scale

French documentary filmmaker Patrice Barrat tells stories of global crisis, one life at a time. While in Paris, I heard him speak of his new documentary project, It’s a common struggle for journalists reporting on human rights, oppression or corruption; it is difficult to tell stories of global complexity without losing the humanity of…

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USA: Citigroup Skips Disclosure Rules, Gets $20B Anyway

Citigroup has successfully plead the case for a US$20 billion bailout (and US$306 billion in loan guarantees) from the US Treasury. However, if the situation at Citi is that dire (and evidence suggests it is), they are mandated to disclose that damage to their investors mid-quarter. They haven’t, and the government doesn’t seem to mind.…

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Notes from Jordan: Islam Meets Cinnabon

Over dinner on the roof of the Al Quasr Metropole Hotel in Amman, an Egyptian woman is telling me about an upcoming year as a guest scholar at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana. She is concerned, in passing, with her academic objectives. Once I assure her that Notre Dame is a highly regarded…

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Notes from Jordan: Charting A Course Towards Arab Democracy

For the last three days, I’ve been in Amman, Jordan, getting schooled in Arab democracy from an international team of researchers from the Arab Reform Initiative (ARI). Technically, I was supposed to be there helping them design research methodology, but it looks like they’re doing just fine on their own. Monday morning found me in…

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Nigerian Anti-Corruption Official Survives Shooting, But Pressure Continues

Human Rights Watch denounces the pressure on Nigeria’s leading anti-corruption activist, Nuhu Ribadu. Since being fired from the government, Ribadu has been subject to harassment, threats and a drive-by shooting. Meanwhile his replacement at his former watchdog agency is busy sacking his best investigators. Human Rights Watch: Nigeria’s leading anti-corruption campaigner has in recent weeks…

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