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The Links Between Corruption and Peacebuilding

Corruption’s role in armed conflict and violence has become a key concern for peacebuilding professionals. And yet, the anti-corruption and peacebuilding fields have rarely converged in a systematic way. One effort towards bringing the two communities into an engaged dialogue is the recent publication of a special theme issue of the journal New Routes on…

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Journalist Attacked in Kuwait

Reuters is reporting that Kuwaiti journalist Zayed al-Zaid was physically attacked and wounded after leaving a transparency summit earlier this week. (Global Integrity later was told Zaid had actually been at headquarters of a political movement prior to the attack.) Zaid is the editor of an online news source known for its corruption-focused investigative reporting…

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Kick-off Seminar for the Latin America Local Governance Toolkit

Lea la versión en español abajo. An all-day seminar entitled “The promotion of a reform agenda for the institutional quality at the level sub-national: the experience of Argentina, Peru and Ecuador,” held Wednesday September 30th, marked the official release of the most recent project of Global Integrity’s Local Integrity Initiative, in which in-country partner groups…

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