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Internship Opportunity for Communications Graduate Student

Global Integrity, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting transparency and accountability reforms, has a communications or public relations internship position available from November 2011-March 2012.  The chosen candidate will be responsible for: -Tracking and analyzing international audiences for the Global Integrity Report; -Researching global communication strategies and contributing to the Global Integrity Report 2011 launch; -Writing and…

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Outputs versus Outcomes in Open Government

Al Kags posted a really thoughtful analysis of why focusing on quick hit tech projects in the context of open government should be a priority for those engaged in the open government movement. The same day I read Al Kags’ piece, I stumbled across another useful post from the always-smart Matt Andrews at Harvard, who…

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Call for Contributors: Governance Research in Africa

Global Integrity is embarking on a five-year collaboration with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation to generate original data on a range of governance issues across all 54 African countries. This data will strengthen future iterations of the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, an index based on four main categories: Safety and Rule of Law; Participation and…

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Flash Reactions to the Open Government Partnership Launch

I was fortunate enough to attend the official Open Government Partnership (OGP) launch event in New York City today, including the heads of state meeting/confab at which presidents and prime ministers spoke of their countries' aspirations and commitments under OGP. While we're hoping to do some more in-depth analysis of the eight steering committee governments'…

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