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What We Can Learn from Design Thinking

The open government community is growing increasingly excited about what “Design Thinking” may bring to their work.  The basic design thinking approach is as follows: initial assumptions inform a prototype.  The prototype is tested in the context envisioned for its use.  Observations of user needs and behaviors are made, and the model is iterated upon…

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Innovation Fund: Tools In Search of a Problem

We have been reviewing idea submissions for many weeks now and are nearly ready to take a shortlist to our final Lightning Round.  Throughout the evaluation process, we made some unexpected observations.  In one case, the shockingly different ideas we had called for missed a seemingly crucial step. Whether it’s journalists tracking money flows in…

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The Transparency & Accountability Initiative (T/AI) launches pilot mentorship program

Our friends at The Transparency & Accountability Initiative (T/AI) are launching a pilot mentorship program in response to needs identified by organizations at the TABridge Sessions for increased strategic technology hands‐on skill building. This year, six to nine organizations will be selected to participate in a five‐month customized program. Selected organizations will be partnered with…

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We are hiring: Research Manager

Global Integrity is working on several data-intensive research projects, including the relaunch of the Global Integrity Report, the African Integrity Indicators project and the World Wide Web Foundation’s Web Index, and is recruiting an experienced manager to lead its in-house data-centric research projects moving forward from our Washington DC office. See below the details and…

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