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Russia: Independent Radio, But Within Limits

A Russian radio station, Echo Moskvy, serves as a rare independent voice in Russian journalism – for as long as the Kremlin permits it. A September 22nd issue of The New Yorker magazine quotes Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin saying, “We have never had freedom of speech in Russia, so I don’t really understand what…

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Global Integrity at International Right to Know Day

Global Integrity’s Nathanial Heller speaks at American University on International Right to Know Day. International Right to Know Day has been observed since 2002 on September 28. Nathanial was invited to speak on international experiences in transparency among nations that are moving towards freedom of information, but haven’t gotten there yet. Panel Discussion: Nations Poised…

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Open Society Institute Fellowship

A new fellowship from OSI aims “to support scholars, journalists, activists, policy experts and others to work on projects that inspire public debate and shape policy.” Via Email: Dear Colleague, We would like to alert you to a new Open Society Institute (OSI) fellowship to support scholars, journalists, activists, policy experts and others to work…

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Philippines: Reacting to the Corruption Perceptions Index

The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism’s Daily PCIJ blog has a smart rundown of the issues surrounding Transparency International’s annual corruption index, as well an elegant summary of Global Integrity’s recent book on corruption metrics. PCIJ’s Alecks P. Pabico worries that TI’s Corruption Perceptions Index is not actionable: Daily PCIJ: It begs asking though, with…

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Mexico: Gov. Says Drug Money Influences Election

In the wake of increased drug-related violence in Mexico, a government minister publicly acknowledged what has been known for years — that drug money has influence on Mexico’s national elections, as well as its police force. Before the Mexican Congress, Juan Camilo Mourino used strong language to describe the influence of drug cartels on the…

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USA: Railroad Suffers 93% Disability Rate… Or a Disability Scam

With 93 percent of retirees getting disability compensation, a New York railroad is under investigation for abuse of the benefits system — further evidence that complex, institutionalized corruption schemes are not restricted to the developing world. The New York state’s attorney general is investigating the inordinately high number of former Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)…

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