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So What Should We Call the Open [Everything] Movement?

If you haven’t read the recent terrific posts from Tom Steinberg over at mySociety and Tiago Peixoto worrying about the labeling confusion around open government/data/everything, you should. They raise important points about the naming conventions we “practitioners” use and abuse to describe the novelty of our work. Tom has concerns about the fact that as…

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Which comes first: open data or open government?

Though not a new debate, it’s worth revisiting the core arguments around what can or should come first: open data or open government? I was jolted into this discussion again after haphazardly glancing at the World Bank-sponsored “crowd sourcing” process to stimulate ideas for how to make a Smart Rwanda (yes, you can groan a…

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Samantha Power’s nomination: A reflection of Obama’s Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde approach to open government?

The nomination of Open Government Partnership architect Samantha Power for US Ambassador to the United Nations represents a tremendous opportunity to promote government transparency and accountability around the world, especially in those countries not yet part of the nascent initiative.  (Disclaimer: Jeremy Weinstein, who sits on our board, also worked closely with Power in launching…

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