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The Next Great Natural Resource Race

The world’s next great natural resource race will not be the traditional mad dash to mine, extract, and commercialize oil, gas, timber, minerals, or even water. Instead, it is likely to take place in a cooled server room devoid of any heavy machinery or work crews. The prize: the ones and zeros that increasingly comprise…

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Meet Our New Intern, Sarah Appleby

As we begin to feel the summer heat here at Global Integrity, we’re excited to welcome a new intern, Sarah Appleby. She comes from her hometown, Austin, Texas, and brings Bachelors of Arts degrees in Government and Sociology from the University of Texas in Austin and a Master of Science in Criminology from the University of…

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Taylor Convicted, Chips Away at Presidential Immunity

A U.N.-backed criminal tribunal added to growing precedent this week when it sentenced Former Liberian President Charles Taylor to 50 years in prison for aiding and abetting war crimes committed in Sierra Leone. Since 1990, more than 69 former heads of state have been formally prosecuted for crimes against humanity, human rights violations, or economic…

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Lobbying Reform in Delaware: One Step at a Time

(Editor's Note: Sunlight Foundation's National Policy Director, Laurenellen McCann, wrote this post and originally posted it here.) Last week, the Delaware legislature sent an interesting bill to Governor Jack Merkell: SB 185, a short, targeted piece of legislation that, if signed into law, will bring Delaware’s lobbying disclosure into the 21st century. With the passage of…

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A Working Definition of “Open Government”

(Editor's note: This was first posted over at I’ve been spending a non-trivial amount of time lately watching and pondering the explosive uptake of the term “open government.” This probably isn’t too surprising given Global Integrity’s involvement in the nascent Open Government Partnership (OGP). As excited as I’ve been to witness the growth of…

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Southeast Europe Struggles with Effective Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies are considered key agents in peace-building and post-conflict reconstruction efforts. For that reason, massive resources from the international community have been channeled to democratizing and professionalizing police institutions in Southeast Europe. However, although legal reforms of the police force have been fairly successful in the four Southeast European countries covered in the…

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