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Internal Transparency: Our Audited FY2008 Financials

Given that we’re pretty obsessed with transparency issues here at Global Integrity, we go to great lengths to walk the talk whenever we can. As has been our practice since inception, we’ve just publicly posted our audited fiscal 2008 financials on our website. This public disclosure is not required by law, but we think it’s…

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Talking Corruption in Tonga: Conclusions and Recommendations

As part of our Global Integrity Dialogue series, Nathaniel and I traveled to Tonga to convene a discussion around the possibilities for anti-corruption and transparency reforms in the country. The workshop drew on the insight of senior government officials, the donor community, journalists, and other local stakeholders to identify key priorities for increasing transparency and…

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Johann Lambsdorff Retires the Corruption Perceptions Index

Dr. Johann Graf Lambsdorff, creator of the Corruption Perceptions Index, will no longer publish the landmark corruption ranking, he said in an email to the Transparency International network this week. Lambsdorff wrote: “TI-S will try to continue somehow with a substitute for the CPI. Even though most of them are rather new to the debate,…

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