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The Future of The Anti-Corruption Movement

Global Integrity’s managing director reflects on Dr. Daniel Kaufmann’s retirement and call to action on issues of state capture and grand corruption. In short: we enthusiastically agree that patronage networks, political financing and high level abuse of power are the most urgent governance challenges, but differ somewhat with Dani on how to usefully tackle the…

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USAID “Losing Influence” Say Former Directors

In the last eight years, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) has doubled its budget. While development has been quietly elevated to stand alongside defense and diplomacy as instruments of American power, USAID itself is adrift, argue three former USAID directors, writing in Foreign Affairs. J. Brian Atwood, M. Peter McPherson, and Andrew Natsios…

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Notes from Paris: Every Human Has Rights Gala

Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, Richard Branson and other very famous people gathered Saturday to celebrate 30 media projects in defense of human rights, including, I’m proud to say, the work of Global Integrity. The photo above is as close as I got to the former UN Secretary General — it’s photographically flawed, but the overall…

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Notes from Paris: Madmundo Tells Global Stories at Human Scale

French documentary filmmaker Patrice Barrat tells stories of global crisis, one life at a time. While in Paris, I heard him speak of his new documentary project, It’s a common struggle for journalists reporting on human rights, oppression or corruption; it is difficult to tell stories of global complexity without losing the humanity of…

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USA: Citigroup Skips Disclosure Rules, Gets $20B Anyway

Citigroup has successfully plead the case for a US$20 billion bailout (and US$306 billion in loan guarantees) from the US Treasury. However, if the situation at Citi is that dire (and evidence suggests it is), they are mandated to disclose that damage to their investors mid-quarter. They haven’t, and the government doesn’t seem to mind.…

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