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Global Integrity Relocates to New Office

Another happy milestone as our organization grows: Global Integrity has outgrown our old 17th Street office in Washington D.C., and has now taken up residence a few blocks away on the corner of Vermont Ave. and L St. With this much larger space, we can expand our staff capacity considerably as well as enjoy exciting…

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Reporter’s Notebook: Vanuatu

By Bob Makin Vanuatu is a very small country (pop. 200,000), and the capital city is tiny (30,000). Yet bad news travels as fast as the trade wind — which frequently carries with it the smell of corruption. In 2006, a resident of an area adjacent to the spring supplying water to the capital, Port…

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New Addition to Global Integrity Office

Global Integrity welcomes Mohamed Abdelaziz to our Washington office as a visiting fellow. Mohamed is here as part of a Freedom House fellowship program called “The New Generation of Advocates.” When not visiting other NGOs, Mohamed works as project manager at the Arab Office for Law, where he coordinates a USAID funded project entitled “Towards…

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Reporter’s Notebook: Russia

By Galina StolyarovaOne day in April 2007, human rights lawyer Olga Tseitlina got a sudden call to a St. Petersburg police station. She had been asked to represent a client detained and fined for allegedly swearing in public. She soon discovered that police had used similar evidence against nearly 100 others. They had all been…

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Call for Experts: Global Integrity Is Hiring Anti-Corruption Experts & Journalists

Global Integrity, an award-winning international non-profit organization dedicated to tracking governance and corruption trends around the world, is seeking interested journalists, researchers, social scientists, and other experts with a background in governance and corruption issues to prepare its Global Integrity Report: 2008. To apply, send a CV or resume with full contact information to [email protected]

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Africa: Why Public Health Programs Are Failing

Global Integrity contributor Thompson Ayodele writes in with an analysis of aid, public health campaigns, and the corruption that prevents medical care from reaching the people who need it most. Health, Africa’s struggle Foreign aid is flowing in in large amounts, but it’s not reaching the people By Thompson Ayodele After decades of neglect the…

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