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Zimbabwe Government Arrests Opposition

Grim headlines from Zimbabwe, as the government moves openly against the opposition Movement for Democratic Change and independent election monitors. IRIN: Zimbabwe: Police Swoop On Injured MDC Supporters IHT: Zimbabwe police raid opposition party office

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USA: Military Ran Media Manipulation Campaign

Global Integrity considers press freedom to be a key driver of accountability in any country. Most Western nations offer a largely unrestricted press environment — intimidation of journalists is almost unheard of, with some notable exceptions. However, press freedom is a necessary condition, not the whole story. The press has to use this freedom to…

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South Africa: Corruption & Governance Archive

Global Integrity’s International Director, Marianne Camerer, shares a link to an archive of coverage and papers addressing corruption in South Africa. All together, the collection spans 11,000 pages assembled in the course of Marianne’s PhD dissertation. Marianne writes: This collection of research material from South Africa, a new democracy, covers the period from 1994-2006 and…

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God: 91%, Government: 74%, Corruption: 29%

Via Chris Blattman's Blog, the latest polling from Liberia. Blattman observes, “Why, I wonder, is the War on Corruption in the same headline as God? Is God some sort of baseline for maximum possible support?” And here is our own (less amusing) coverage of corruption in Liberia.

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USA: $50M Air Force Contract Was Rigged

The Department of Defense’s Inspector General has investigated a relatively small US$50 million Air Force contract, painting a vivid picture of how conflicts of interest play out at the highest levels of government. Despite the distress of employees involved in the contracting, the weight of rank pressed the deal forward, which awarded a contract for…

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The Ugly Death of an Empire

Kalkali El-Hadi tells the story of the fall of Algeria’s largest private bank, and the corporate shell game that hid the truth of its shaky finances from its investors, regulators and its customers. In the end, it was all too good to be true. The Ugly Death of an EmpireBy Kalkali El-Hadi In early 2007,…

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