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Is Open Data a Good Idea for the Open Government Partnership?

As we’ve blogged before, Global Integrity is working to promote the new Open Government Partnership by serving as the OGP’s Networking Mechanism, which aims to connect aspiring OGP governments with providers of open government expertise (whether governments, civil society organizations, or private companies) to help those aspiring governments develop innovative, “stretch” open government commitments. An…

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Project Opportunity: Researching Corruption in the Defense Sector

Are you an expert on defense and security issues? If the answer is yes, we highly recommend that you apply, by September 14, 2011, to become a Peer Reviewer or Country Assessor for Transparency International UK’s (TI-UK) new project assessing anti-corruption mechanisms in the defense sector in 30 countries. The resultant global index will measure…

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Why an Anti-Corruption Commission is a Bad Idea for Libya

I started a virtual stopwatch in my head when I first saw the images of rebel troops entering Tripoli this week. The stopwatch measures how long it will take until I receive a “confidential” email from aid donors requesting Global Integrity’s input on a draft bill to establish an anti-corruption commission in Libya.  Based on…

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