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Introducing the Global Integrity Impact Challenge

Global Integrity is pleased to announce the first Global Integrity Impact Challenge, a chance for local civil society groups to directly apply the information from the Global Integrity Report towards governance and anti-corruption reform programs in their countries. The Global Integrity Report contains a wealth of specific, actionable insights into what’s working and what’s broken…

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In Somalia, “Paying Just to Be Alive”

In a preview of the Global Integrity Report: 2008 to be released on Feb. 18th, Abdurrahman Warsameh reports from Somalia that citizens perceive government as little more than border control, where interactions with government officials are confined to the airports, seaports and checkpoints. The only Somalis that attract government attention are journalists, who are under…

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In Pakistan, Trust in Government Can Be Destroyed in a Flash

Reporting from Pakistan, Mahmood Iqbal highlights the eroding of citizens’ trust in public institutions in this preview from the Global Integrity Report: 2008, to be released Feb. 18. The prevalence of militant attacks in Pakistan serves as an undeniably jarring example of the ineffectiveness of government agencies (especially the police). Suicide bombings not only destroy…

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Newsflash: There’s Corruption in Iraq

In a prelude to our first-ever assessment of anti-corruption and accountability mechanisms in Iraq, scheduled for release this Wednesday as part of the Global Integrity Report: 2008, The New York Times details new allegations of massive bribery and theft on the part of American military officers in the country. Sadly, our Iraq assessment differs little…

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