Introducing the Global Integrity Impact Challenge

Global Integrity
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Global Integrity is pleased to announce the first Global Integrity Impact Challenge, a chance for local civil society groups to directly apply the information from the Global Integrity Report towards governance and anti-corruption reform programs in their countries.

The Global Integrity Report contains a wealth of specific, actionable insights into what’s working and what’s broken or missing in a country’s national-level anti-corruption system. The Impact Challenge is a call to apply those insights towards advocacy or awareness-raising campaigns designed to advance the discussion from vague calls to “fight corruption” or “clean up government” to specific and concrete policy reforms.

Groups or individuals are invited to present proposals that take insights from the Global Integrity Report and use them to design policy reform proposals or “demand-side” campaigns (aimed at increasing citizen demand for specific governance and accountability reforms). Winners will earn cash prizes, international attention, and potentially a chance for additional funding to implement their ideas. In the process, the participants will share their ideas and build cross-border ties with like-minded advocates worldwide.

UPDATE: Learn more and apply here.

— Nathanial Heller & Global Integrity

Global Integrity
Global Integrity

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