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On Bookshelves: The Corruption Notebooks 2008

Global Integrity is proud to announce The Corruption Notebooks 2008 (preview here), a collection of stories told by local journalists of the daily struggle to rein in graft and protect the public interest. The authors are among the world’s best journalists, examining the politics of their home countries as no one else can. Buy the…

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With an Eye to London, More Transparency in US Expense Accounts

Yesterday, US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced that House office expenses will be published online, vastly streamlining public monitoring of Representatives spending habits. The move will put the current paper records online “at the earliest date,” making each purchase publicly accessible. This move can be read as a reaction to the ongoing scandal…

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Victory? Obama Improves US Lobbying Disclosure

A few weeks ago, this blog joined Sunlight Foundation, ProPublica and others in calling for better disclosure around lobbying for US stimulus spending. Our suggestion was to skip the bans on lobbying and instead shine a big, bright spotlight on all correspondence between lawmakers and interested parties. This is pretty much what just happened. I’ll…

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Does Foreign Aid Directly Contribute to Poverty?

In a series of blog posts, this blog has been covering different assessments of the effectiveness and accountability of foreign aid. Where has aid worked? Where has it failed? What role do governance and monitoring platforms play in the success rate of overseas development funding? Debate rages. In the past week, the Daily Telegraph and…

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Yahoo! Recognizes Ethiopian Reporter

Abebe Gellaw, Global Integrity’s reporter for the Global Integrity Report: Ethiopia has been named the 2008-2009 Yahoo! International Journalism Fellow. Congratulations to Abebe from the rest of the Global Integrity team! Yahoo!’s video feature on Adebe is above or here. –Norah Mallaney

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