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Partisan Justice: Political Foes Go to Jail, Friends Go Free

In Ukraine, not everyone gets the same treatment. This disparity is most visible in the country’s judicial system. Reporter Vlad Lavrov explains through the stories of leading opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, who was convicted for abuse of power, and current President Viktor Yanukovych’s friends, who faces murder charges. Read the story here. The story is…

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Internet Censorship in Ethiopia

This weekend, the travel blog Gadling posted a terrific story describing how the Ethiopian government has blocked access to Skype across the country. This isn't the first time Ethiopia has cracked down on internet access and imposed online censorship; we've been tracking the issue for years across a range of countries around the world, including…

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Mali – A Coup that Might Foster Corruption

On the African continent we watch time and again as boot-clad military walk through the doors of a National Assembly, a president’s bedroom or the streets of a capital city and declare ownership over the land. This classic coup d’état scenario most recently took place in Mali. Despite the fact that public administration and service…

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Mexico: Ghost Records of Surveillance Flights – This Is Transparency?

In 2011, Mexico’s war against drug trafficking took a new turn when the United States sent unmanned drones over the country. But, as told by Reporter Daniel Lizárraga, it’s unclear whether Felipe Calderón’s government approved the U.S. flights, drawing into question Mexico’s Federal Law of Transparency and Access to Public Government Information and Personal Data.…

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Crafting Reform – A View from Florida

Integrity Florida, an independent governance research organization based in Tallahassee, exemplifies what it means to work for common good. Their most recent research report released Wednesday, based on the results of the State Integrity Investigation, an evaluation of effectiveness of anti-corruption mechanisms in all U.S. states, is a good example of how to use the…

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Fieldwork Launched in 52 African Countries, Call for Peer Reviewers

Global Integrity is embarking on a five-year collaboration with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation to generate original data on a range of governance issues across all 54 African countries. This data will strengthen future iterations of the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, an index based on four main categories: Safety and Rule of Law; Participation and…

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