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Eric Gundersen to Join Global Integrity Board of Directors

Global Integrity is proud to announce the addition of Eric Gundersen, president and co-founder of Development Seed, to its board of directors effective immediately. Eric and Development Seed have been fixtures of the open source software and mapping communities for much of the past decade and will bring a fresh influx of technology experience and…

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Taking Stock of OGP

The Open Government Partnership is officially afoot with the Articles of Governance formally approved and adopted at the first annual meeting in Brasilia last month. With distance gained from the meeting, this is a good moment to take stock of where the Partnership stands and the direction it needs to go. First, governments should be…

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GIR11 Contributor Survey Results

Global Integrity tries to be transparent about its work, from our methodologies and data to our sources of funding. We recently finished a survey of our team of field contributors involved in the production of the Global Integrity Report 2011, and we’re happy to share those results publicly. Keeping our field contributors happy and engaged…

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‘Who Said What’ at OGP in Brasilia

These are the phrases that stuck with us a few days after the first annual Open Government Partnership (OGP) meeting in Brasilia, in which new OGP governments presented their Action Plans and members of civil society discussed their role in ensuring government commitments are met. Government “Efficiency and integrity, efficiency and sound use of public…

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Access to information in Health Care Service Delivery in Papua New Guinea

Global Integrity, in close collaboration with the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council (CIMC) in Papua New Guinea (PNG), has recently completed an indicator-based expert assessment of access-to-information in health care service delivery in PNG. The objective of the pilot assessment is to identify access-to-information issues that have…

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