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China Photographs All Internet Cafe Customers

China now requires all internet cafe users to be photographed, as new restrictions on expression are slamming into place after a more permissive Olympic summer. Internet users have been required to register with cafe patrons for some time. The Australian: The Times searched for online comments on the rules but was unable to find any…

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Bulgaria: Politicians Entangled with Local Mafia

Bulgaria is not only the European Union’s poorest nation but The New York Times suggests it is also Europe’s most corrupt. Business alliances blur the line between the nation’s politicians, its economic elite and the “mutri” — mobs of men wearing black. Guidebooks even warn tourists to stay away from restaurants frequented by businessmen, especially…

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Global Integrity Field Staff Honored

Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas of Ghana wins the Kurt Shork Award for International Journalism for his coverage of cross-border human trafficking in Africa. Anas is also a contributor to the upcoming Global Integrity Report. Our congratulations to both winners. We at Global Integrity are continually amazed by the quality of the work being done…

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Anti-Corruption in the Middle East? Start with Elections

Khalil Gebara, longtime Global Integrity contributor and president of the Lebanese Organization for the Enhancement of Transparency, ponders governance in the Middle East. Accountability starts with elections, he argues. Arab Reform Bulletin: Arab countries lack peaceful mechanisms to regulate the functioning of institutions. They have yet to embrace the principles of good governance and respect…

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