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Latin America and the Missing Ombudsmen

The Latin American countries included in the Global Integrity Report: 2008 all have an ombudsmen’s office or equivalent institution intended to resolve complaints from citizens. But Global Integrity’s local researcher teams report that these seats could be empty and it wouldn’t make much difference. Time and again, this crucial accountability institution is staffed by government…

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Venezuela: Chaves, Bolívar and Term Limits

Simon Bolívar, Venezuela’s founding father after whom Hugo Chaves named his “revolution” and renamed the country, said in 1819: “Nothing is as dangerous as allowing the same citizen to remain in power for a long time… That’s the origin of usurpation and tyranny”. Chaves’ take on that? He’s getting presidential term limits abolished. In an election…

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Global Integrity Report: 2008 — New Reporting and Metrics on Anti-Corruption in 57 Countries

The Global Integrity Report is a bottom-up assessment of what’s working, what’s failed and why in anti-corruption efforts worldwide. The Global Integrity Report: 2008, released today, includes new reporting on national anti-corruption practices in 57 countries, including first ever reports on Iraq and Somalia. This post has highlights from the 2008 reports and links to…

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