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Global Integrity Impact Challenge: How To Apply

The Global Integrity Impact Challenge is seeking proposals for projects that use Global Integrity’s diagnostic tools to fight corruption. The best proposals get a US$1,000 prize and a chance to pitch the Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) for funding to implement their ideas. This post lays out everything you need to know to submit a…

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USA: How to Spin a War

Two developments illustrate the Pentagon’s ongoing efforts to control the media conversation on war and war spending. First, the leak of the NATO “master narrative” on the war in Afghanistan details exactly how and where military commanders are instructed to shade the truth. On the other side of the ledger, the Obama administration is requiring…

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Global Integrity Journalist Wins la Plume d’Or

Déo Namujimbo, Global Integrity’s reporter in the Democratic Republic of Congo, recently received top prize in the French Plume d’Or awards. This competition recognizes the work of Francophone journalists around the world, especially honoring those who work in extreme and dangerous situations. Congratulations to Déo, his six fellow Congolese recipients and the rest of the…

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Latin America and the Missing Ombudsmen

The Latin American countries included in the Global Integrity Report: 2008 all have an ombudsmen’s office or equivalent institution intended to resolve complaints from citizens. But Global Integrity’s local researcher teams report that these seats could be empty and it wouldn’t make much difference. Time and again, this crucial accountability institution is staffed by government…

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