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Supporting the Evolution of Fiscal Transparency – Global Integrity at the GIFT Stewards Meeting in Mexico

*This image is from Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT) Jorge Florez – Manager, Research – March 23, 2017 The Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT) is multistakeholder action network that supports progress towards greater fiscal transparency, participation, and accountability in countries around the world. Global Integrity is proud to be a general steward of GIFT.…

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Adaptive Learning

Power to the People – Participatory Tracking, and Learning to Navigate Complexity

Michael Moses, Director of Advocacy and Programs – March 13, 2017 Current events are challenging prevailing assumptions about the way democratic institutions function. The President of the United States decries the free press as an “enemy of the people.” Political campaigns are run, and won, on false statistics. Elected governments wage war on their citizens.…

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Adaptive LearningMaking All Voices Count

Learning to Make All Voices Count: pursuing openness through iterative adaptation

Michael Moses, Director of Advocacy and Programs and Sue Soal, Independent facilitation Consultant March 7, 2017 This blog also appears here at Making All Voices Count Recent events are sowing doubts about the longevity of the open government movement. Elected leaders all over the world — from Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines to Jacob Zuma in…

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About Global IntegrityOpenGov Hub

Catalytic collaboration – what it means for the OpenGov Hub

Scott Rumpsa, Director of Operations and Programs – February 15, 2017 Late last year, our colleague Nada Zohdy jointly published an article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, “Path-breaking organizations, working together in a new way, might just transform the nonprofit sector.”1 Nada runs the OpenGov Hub, a coworking space consisting of three dozen plus organizational…

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