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Recommendations Published from Rwanda Dialogue Workshop

Global Integrity and the Rwanda Governance Advisory Council have released the final conclusions and recommendations from our jointly sponsored Dialogue Workshop held in Kigali earlier this year. As part of our Global Integrity Dialogue series, Nathaniel and I traveled to Rwanda in May. In Kigali, we met with partners from the Rwanda Governance Advisory Council…

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Secret Author of Blog Del Narco Speaks

Earlier this week, Boing Boing published an email interview with the elusive author of Blog Del Narco. This is the longest published interview I have seen with the anonymous blogger whose extensive reporting on the activities of Mexico’s drug gangs has brought international attention to his website. Following the hype, we recently asked two members…

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Protecting India’s Citizen Users of Right to Information

This summer, we followed up on a New York Times report featuring the positive results of India’s right to information law. Tracking with data from the Global Integrity Report: India citizens are filing a high number of personal requests to break down corruption-related barriers to service delivery– The Times cite preferential treatment in housing grant…

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Mexican Journalists Respond to “Narco-Censorship” and Citizen Journalism (Part 1 of 2)

Is citizen journalism a clever response to Mexican drug violence? Looking past the hype, our Mexican field staff isn’t convinced. “There is still a very desperate need for really trustworthy alternative [information] sources,” says one. Earlier this month, the Associated Press published a piece profiling Blog Del Narco, a news blog integrating crowd-sourcing principles to…

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