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Global Integrity is looking for a Drupal shop to help us migrate our existing website(s) to a more flexible CMS environment. Interested or know someone who is? Read on…

Global Integrity site migration: Request for proposals

Global Integrity, a nonprofit organization, is looking for a Washington, DC area or Chicago based contractor to support the rebuild of our static websites on the Drupal content manager. While light redesign and theming is required, the effort will draw significantly from the existing site wireframes and content.

Please provide a brief quote for the following two items. Ideal responses will be one page (yes, really) explaining who we will work with, their brief background, and links to a few previous projects of similar scope. A very brief statement on things you think a good site redesign must provide would be useful to start conversation.

Global Integrity will provide:

1. Complete wireframes; or well annotated wireframe schemas that can be adapted as needed.

2. Graphic design elements like logos, colors, mood/audience guidelines, visual style rules.

3. Organization style manual for text and images.

4. Patience, focus, humor and an awareness of good client/contractor dynamics.

1) Rebuild and migration

Contractor will:

1. Manage engagement from a single point of contact with good communication, transparency (written notes, ticketing, etc as needed), and deadline discipline.

2. Get a Drupal site running on a hosting solution of our choice, all patched and happy.

3. Rebuild our site structure in Drupal, migrating over the roughly 20 pages at the subdomain.

4. Migrate our blog into a new format integrated with the main www site. Detailed specs and wireframes will be provided.

5. Apply up-to-date themeing, original or adapted, similar to current site, and in coordination with Global Integrity designer. Detailed mockups and CSS help will be provided.

6. Provide templates or equivalent for ten page layouts, built to match wireframes and specs we provide.

7. Working from wireframes and specs we provide, build a simple Drupal module, block and view that displays data served by the Indaba API (see Indaba fieldwork platform), which is REST-like JSON over HTTP.

8. Using templates mentioned above, rebuild and for 50 new country reports, using Indaba Widgets, which serve content over AJAX into empty, themed containers managed in Drupal. Develop tagging and category nomenclature for managing this content.

9. One training session (or documentation of equivalent value) on Drupal basics for 5 core staff.

10. Make recommendations and implement a content management strategy based on best practices for tagging, categories, version control, etc.

11. Make recommendations on standard Drupal extensions (cron backup, for instance).

12. Advice and recommendations on good practices throughout.

13. NOT NEEDED: content development, donations, e-commerce, CRM.

2) Ongoing support

Contractor will:

1. Develop an operations contract for ongoing support to maintain the Drupal backend and provide support to resolution of systemic problems (downtime, load from high traffic, database recovery).

2. Provide an hourly rate estimate for as needed improvements to themeing and design.

This brief is an early estimate at our needs, intended to compare contractors; the exact scope is still evolving and will be finalized once a contractor is selected. Work will be conducted in February and March.

To respond, please contact Jonathan Eyler-Werve ( ) no later than January 28, 2011.

— Global Integrity

Global Integrity
Global Integrity

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