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Participant Conclusions and Recommendations of the Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Mechanisms in Ukraine workshop

The Global Integrity Dialogue Workshop held November 13 in Kiev was an exchange of ideas and debate surrounding the key governance and anti-corruption challenges facing Ukraine among the key stakeholders in the country – the government, civil society, the media and the private sector. Participants emphasized several issues that could form the basis for potential…

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Happy 2013

Global Integrity will be closed for the holidays starting today, Dec. 21. If the world does not end, our operations will resume Jan. 2, 2013. We would like to extend our best wishes and sincere thanks to all of our friends, contributors, funders, and peer organizations around the world for supporting us this year. We…

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Practicing Community: Workshop on Transparency and Accountability at the OpenGov Hub

Global Integrity convened a two-day workshop Dec. 10-11 of transparency and accountability experts at the OpenGov Hub to exchange thoughts on government monitoring and accountability tools and techniques. Our goals were to bridge domestic and international transparency and accountability groups that have had few opportunities to meet outside large conference rooms and haven them exchange…

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Why I Love the OpenGov Hub

At the OpenGov Hub's Festivus/holiday bash yesterday, members of the tenant organizations got together as a community to relax, eat, drink (too much) and share goofy gifts. It was wonderfully informal, and for me a proud moment to witness the coming together — over sugary treats and beer — of a community of like-minded friends and…

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Nkandlagate and the International Anti-Corruption Day

This year, International Anti-Corruption Day (Dec. 9th) comes in an interesting week for South Africans. The country is still shaken by the current corruption scandal in the country, Nkandlagate, in which President Jacob Zuma is accused of squandering about R248 million (USD$28 million) on reconstruction of his ancestral home in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal. The opposition party…

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Workshop To Be Held at the OpenGov Hub

On Monday Global Integrity is convening a workshop called ‘Government Monitoring and Accountability Tools and Techniques’ at the OpenGov Hub to exchange ideas between international and domestic practitioners on government monitoring and accountability tools and techniques. We were inspired by the success of the State Integrity Investigation earlier this year and wanted to bring together international…

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