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Just Released: Doing Business 2010

Disclosure: The World Bank is a funder of Global Integrity. The World Bank Group has published its most recent findings on the ease of doing business around the world. Doing Business 2010 shows the 2008-9 period of study to be a year of reform with legal reform up 20% from the previous round. Rwanda takes…

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Listen in on U.S. Campaign Finance Hearing

The Supreme Court is opening session a few weeks early in order to hear an important case that pits freedom of speech against campaign financing regulations. The case is being broadcast live today starting at 11:30 am EST. The question placed before the court today is, in the name of freedom of speech, should interest…

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Recommended Blog: All About Whistleblowing

Our friend Yongjin Chang of American University just started a blog touting the positive impact of whistleblowers. His blog, All About Whistleblowing, does an excellent job of herding relevant news stories, journal articles, metrics and academic studies all into one place. Check out Chang’s blog here. — Norah Mallaney and Global Integrity

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Letter from Uganda: Must One Belong to a Political Party to Get a Job?

I got an email recently from Tumusiime Deo, a Ugandan journalist and human rights activist. Deo mentioned that while interviewing for a job, background searches, professional qualifications and references weren’t enough– employers wanted to know political party affiliation as well. At one organization it was demanded that he join his boss’s party. In Deo’s experience,…

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Indaba RFP Complete

We’re happy to announce the successful completion of our public Request for Proposals (RFP) process to build Indaba, our next-generation fieldwork platform. We are partnering with Croix Connect of Vienna, Virginia to build the new system. We’re kicking off system development this week with some all-day sessions to sketch out the data model and use…

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