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Global Integrity is growing and looking for some new, smart colleagues to join our team. Think you’ve got what it takes? Details below.

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— Nathaniel Heller

Now Hiring: Vice President – Business Development

Organization Description

Foglamp is a revenue-generating service offered by Global Integrity, an innovative nonprofit organization. Foglamp’s core offering is customizable on-the-ground research to global investors.

Foglamp provides unparalleled reach into emerging and frontier markets, with a customizable in-country research service for overseas investors focused on governance, transparency and regulatory dynamics. Foglamp offers clients the ability to define and control bespoke research products through a network of more than 700 researchers in more than 90 countries.

Foglamp was launched in early-2008 as a service of Global Integrity, an international research organization based in Washington, DC that works with a network of in-country experts around the world to track corruption and governance trends. Following a successful beta period in 2008, Foglamp is poised to capitalize on trends toward emerging markets and the use of expert networks in conducting research by scaling its business in 2009 and 2010.

Products are evolving but include short-form reports, direct email exchanges between clients and experts, periodic updates, instant messaging, and in-person meetings. All products are generated by Foglamp experts. Clients will include hedge funds, private equity firms, mutual funds, multinational corporations, consulting firms, insurance companies, and government agencies.

Our Culture

Foglamp is a start-up service of Global Integrity. Our office environment requires openness, collaboration and flexibility. Our staff has an uncommon diversity of responsibilities: from high level strategy to online messaging to logistics issues (we book our own travel), everyone contributes. You will develop new skills in this job; expect to learn and adapt constantly.

We have a no-jerks policy; you will be supported by results-oriented yet frequently cheerful coworkers.

International literacy and cross-cultural sensitivity are considered core competencies.

Job Description

Vice President – Business Development is the first full-time employee at Foglamp and will be responsible for leading all elements of business development/sales, product/service development, and project execution. The position’s primary performance objectives are the development of a pipeline of Foglamp clients, the sale of client engagements, and successful execution of client research projects. The Vice President will report to the Global Integrity Managing Director.

Location: New York City or Washington, DC

Compensation: Competitive salary based on experience, commissions

Skills Required

Foglamp attracts employees from the most distinctive professional and academic backgrounds. We insist that our teammates exhibit entrepreneurialism, integrity, creativity, intensity, and professionalism.

For this position, the following will strengthen an applicant’s candidacy:

** 4-8 years of relevant experience, preferably in entrepreneurial roles.

** Demonstrated performance in a business development role:
– Experience in cultivating, managing and growing client relationships, especially in financial services
– Success in selling and contributing to the sale of client engagements
– Success in maintaining an aggressive schedule of client pitches and meetings

** Demonstrated performance in an entrepreneurial leadership role:
– Success in developing products and services to meet client needs
– Success in leading a team, business unit or company in meeting objectives
– Comfort in a start-up environment requiring extensive ‘self-starter’ skills

** Demonstrated performance in a client service role with the following characteristics:
– Success in managing a diverse load of client projects across a variety of subjects
– Skills in multi-tasking and prioritizing in a rapidly changing environment

** Demonstrated effectiveness in some or all of the following areas:
– Sales, negotiation, and networking with high-end professionals
– Interest in topics related to emerging markets, regulation and governance

Please send resumes or inquiries to:

Nathaniel Heller, Managing Director (Global Integrity)

We appreciate your interest.

Global Integrity
Global Integrity

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