Corruption in the Water Sector

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Global Integrity’s Stephen Roblin went to the public release of the Transparency International’s most recent publication, Global Corruption Report 2008: Corruption in the Water Sector.

There was a panel composed of 5 people, two WB representatives, a representative from the Inter American Development Bank, a Swiss economist, and someone from a hydroelectric company in France. Highlights:

More than 1 billion live without adequate water supplies.

By 2020 approximately 3 billion will live in “water-stressed regions.”

Millenium Development Goals dealing with water have been seriously compromised.

Upwards to 30 billion US dollars should be added to current amounts projected to reach goals.

Impact of corruption in the water sector is felt mostly in developed countries but is by no means confined to developed countries.

Women, girls, and marginalized segments of a population are most affected by corruption in the water sector.

Corruption is the “root cause and catalyst” for water scarcity problems (as well as sanitation problems).

The range of corruption in the water is at the high, mid, and low levels of water management.

Water scarcity will only increase in the future, so I’m glad that TI is bringing attention to the issue.

— by Stephen Roblin —

Global Integrity
Global Integrity

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