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This project is an opportunity to put GI’s strategy into practice in the following ways:

  • Work with in-country partners as they use systemic approaches to address a specific and country relevant sectoral challenge
  • Use evidence to inform the work of the foundation, partners, and other relevant audiences so they can improve their effectiveness and impact
  • Test different approaches to share insights that lead to changes in practices and behavior of the foundation and partners.


The overall approach of the impact partner work is to generate robust evidence, use that evidence to inform action by Mastercard Foundation and partner organizations and build capacities of young Nigerian evaluators. The overall goal of our role is to generate and share evidence and insights that can improve project design and implementation by the foundation and country-level partners so as to achieve better results in terms of youth employment and poverty reduction.

The four organizations and the foundation’s country team will co-design the details of the project and work in close coordination across the different activities: Data collection at baseline and throughout implementation (PAID), methodology design, quality assurance, and sector-specific research (ITAD), fellowship program for youth Nigerian evaluators (CH), thought leadership in MEL (Global Integrity).



Countries Involved

  • Nigeria flagNigeria

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