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Generate a reflective dialogue by drafting recommnedations on the role of certifications to change institutional dynamics in relation to the role played by the state, civil society, and international certifiers with mining projects and to discuss with the members of the working group the promotion of greater efficiency in the development of mining activity, and responsible, sustainable and transparent mining supply chains.


The role of GI will be based on the identification of supply and demand for information resulting from certifications at the mine level, the analysis of the institutional context, and the objectives of the potential users of the information. This implies:

  • Starting from a review of the technical and thematic inputs produced by the table to identify the main information needs and objectives of the potential users of the information.
  • Analyze the information produced in the certification processes prioritized, including the formats, the measurement standards, the type of information generated
  • Identify meeting points between the information to generate different types of recommendations
  • Review processes of limitations for the publication of relevant information for users
  • Assessment of the possibility of generating new data fields that are very useful for users and are not fully covered at present.

These recommendations will identify relevant issues and enrich the discussion of existing incentives and/or disincentives, institutional limitations, and the identification of opportunities to improve the availability and use of information for relevant stakeholders.


Countries Involved

Andean Region

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