Elsa Peraldi
Elsa Peraldí

Infographics have findings related to the 2017 Africa Integrity Indicators (period of study September 2015 – September 2016).

However, and despite us writing up some of the findings, please remember that the data is very rich and lends itself to much deeper analysis if you have particular interests and intend to identify areas for improvement at the country level. Aggregate category and subcategory scores serve as guideposts only – specific items for improvement are found at the indicator level. For instance, a country may have a low aggregate score in the public management integrity section. Looking into this, a user may notice that the lowest scores of the section were earned in indicators focusing on certain elements of the procurement process – effective blacklisting, or timely public accessibility of award and contract information, etc. In this case, these would present clear opportunities for improvement. Likewise, just because a certain country receives a middling or relatively higher aggregate score in a subcategory, this does not preclude room for significant improvement in certain areas – there will often be an indicator or two where the performance is lower, and left unattended, these represent an identified corruption risk that can be improved upon.