Andrew Haupt

Managing Director of Finance and Operations


Andrew is the Managing Director for Finance, responsible for implementation and oversight of Global Integrity’s business strategy including financial and operational management, talent management, information technology, knowledge management, and legal and regulatory compliance. Andrew is inspired by people dedicated to repairing and transforming our world for the better and has focused his career in the nonprofit sector. He is committed to making Global Integrity an employer of choice for talented change agents. For Andrew, the importance of Global Integrity’s work lies in restoring and creating relationships of trust between people and public institutions. When not at work, you will likely find him outside, at the gym, or cooking a grand meal with his partner for company at their home.

 “Don’t tell me what it isn’t. Tell me what it is.”

Joined GI:



M.A. in Urban Planning, University of California, Los Angeles. B.A. in Liberal Arts and Economics, Kalamazoo College


English, Spanish

Works in:

Brooklyn, NY





Fun Fact:

Generally terrible at games but really good at drinking games, for some reason...