Søren Vester Haldrup



Søren Vester Haldrup manages UNDP’s Innovation Fund and leads the newly established M&E Sandbox. Prior to this, Søren was a senior consultant with Oxford Policy Management and worked as an embedded policy advisor in the Government of Zanzibar.

Over the past years, Søren has worked with the design and implementation of portfolio and systems approaches to complex development challenges across countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. An important part of this work has been to build an M&E Sandbox to help UNDP and a wide network of partners to explore, design, and test approaches to monitoring, evaluation and learning that are more suitable for a complex problems and uncertain fast changing contexts.

Currently, the M&E Sandbox has members from over 90 different organizations across the world. Søren has also worked extensively with public sector governance, anti-corruption, and illicit financial flows, helping governments and development partners navigate the complex political economy dynamics of change, corruption, and accountability.