Learning and Adapting: Sticky notes for the win!

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By Alan Hudson — September 15, 2015.

We’re excited that Dave Algoso is going to be working with us for the next couple of months as we take the next steps in implementing our new strategy. Most recently, Dave was working for Reboot – an outfit we know well and that is at the cutting edge of work on human-centered design, systems ethnography and global development (see here, here and here). Dave is now plying his trade as an extrapreneur, which meant that we could snap him up for a while. Here’s his blog, Praxis, if you’re interested in reading more.

Our new strategy builds on our core strengths in research and evidence, but points the organization in an exciting new direction. Now, we are known for the high-quality data we generate about various aspects of governance in countries around the world. The plan is that in five years’ time, we will be known for two things. First, for our ability to support progress towards more open and effective governance, by using data, evidence and stories to facilitate processes of policy dialogue and learning in particular places. Second, for the value we add to the work of others through our leadership on adaptive learning and open governance, and the connections we make amongst issues such as fiscal governance and money in politics. In doing this, our ambition is to practice what we preach, being transparent, participatory, accountable and open in everything we do, and learning as we go.

Dave is going to help us to do three things: first, to refine and communicate more clearly our theory of change; second, to develop proposals for a range of projects that will put our new strategy into practice; and third, to put in place the systems needed to support our own organizational learning. And all of this is going to be done in a way that it builds the team’s capacity. Exciting times at Global Integrity. We – the team and Dave – are looking forward to learning lots and will keep you posted as things develop.

Alan Hudson
Executive Director

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